FlavourGame – Participate and Change, Playing with textures and flavours”, reference POCI-01-0145-FEDER-031024, based in DigiMedia investigation unity (Universidade of Aveiro, Portugal) aims to become a game design model for platforms mixing real, fictional and digital worlds merged through physical interactions and rich sensory experiences, unusual in videogames.

The research team proposes to create a hybrid game model, through the combination of the digital component based on Augmented Reality technology, with a physical game – board, which takes place in a social context and appeals to conversation, participation and sensory involvement in the theme at stake – nutrition.

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The project is developing a serious game for kids aged 10-12 years old to generate discussion and sense-making around nutrition, more specifically everyday choices of nourishment and food. We believe hybrid games are presenting themselves as a new realm of gaming, opening new possibilities, making use of the best of both worlds — physical and virtual. Therefore, we are now working in the creation of a hybrid game model (combining the digital component based on a TUI — tangible user interface with a physical board game).


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