FlavourGame is a project in the intersection of arts, technology, communication, and health. It was developed by an interdisciplinary team, and intended to reach kids aged 10-12 years old for raising discussion and sense-making around the theme of nutrition (food choices).

The project was consolidated in a new serious game that invites real foods – with their flavours, aromas, and textures – into play. This game was conceived as a hybrid board game – combining a physical board, a tablet, and a tangible object – through a user-centred design approach, where kids are given a voice and space for their own perspectives.



New hybrid serious game based on real foods and the theme of nutrition where kids are given voice and space for their own perspectives.


FlavourGame was developed in University of Aveiro in collaboration with University of Minho and the Catholic University of Portugal - Porto.


This game was conceived as a hybrid board game through an innovative tripartite communication model based on conversation, participation, and rich tangible interactions.