FlavourGame – Participate and Change, Playing with textures and flavours”, reference POCI-01-0145-FEDER-031024, coordinated by DigiMedia research unity (University of Aveiro, Portugal) aims to become a game design model for platforms mixing real, fictional, and digital worlds merged through physical interactions and rich sensory experiences, unusual in video games.

The research team created a hybrid game model, through the combination of the digital component (web app) and a tangible object, with a physical game (board). The game is played in a social context that appeals to conversation, participation, and sensory involvement in the theme of nutrition by tasting food.

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We believe hybrid games are presenting themselves as a new realm of gaming, opening new possibilities, and making use of the best of both worlds — physical and virtual.

Therefore, we worked on the creation of a hybrid game model based on a TUI — tangible user interface. The tangible object created was the Smart Food Tweezers (national patent application No. 118774) with sensors to recognise food in hybrid ludic environments. The Smart Tweezers were made for new mechanics involving tasting real food since they recognise food. The research for its creation was grounded in the need for a new interaction approach, requested by the game hybridity.


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